About Elevated Wellness Vending

Hi, I’m Vanessa Raco, the owner of Elevated Wellness Vending. I am an athlete, mother of 3 beautiful children, a lifelong resident of Southern California and an ardent advocate of healthy lifestyle choices.  As an employee working  an office job with long hours I was constantly challenged with the decision of convenient junk food snacking versus fighting through distracting hunger pains.  More often than not I surrendered to the  lack of options and ate a sugar filled candy bar or greasy chips.

At Elevated Wellness Vending we bring a healthy alternative vending option to businesses and facilities so your team and customers don’t have to make this decision.  With our healthy vending machines your employees have the choice to make healthy decisions and support their lifestyle goals.  We can place our healthy vending machine next to traditional snack and drink machines or we can replace the junk food machines all together.

If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like me to visit your facility, please fill out the information on the Contact Us page.  I look forward to supporting the well being of your families.

Elevate Your Wellness today!

Vanessa Raco

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